Translation: James A. Colson

Where is the body of Saint Teresa?  

Her mortal remains are kept, for the veneration of the faithful, in the Convent of the  Discalced Carmelites in Alba de Tormes, Spain, where she died.

When was Teresa beatified?
April, 24th, 1614, by Pope Paul V.

When was Teresa canonised?
March, 12th, 1622, by Pope Gregory XV.

When and why was St. Teresa of Jesus proclaimed Doctor of the Church?
September, 27th, 1970, by Paul VI. Teresa was the first women to whom the Church atributed this title, by recognising in her life an exemplary model and her writings achieved an outstanding place in the world's literature of the Church. Consequently , the doctrine of Teresa becames, not only part of the Carmel, but also of the whole Church, that can and must find in it help and light.